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Lets free the net!

2015-12-03 07:15:00 by nicknino

Less adds, more donations! 

Wow its all coming back to me .

2013-09-22 23:04:32 by nicknino

Wow cant believe its been 4 years sence i made my NG account. this is time capsule for me. understand when i made my account eggoraptor was The Shit . man i wanted to be a animator. i remember looking up the definition of animation around that time to. To give soul. Thats what i wanted to do, i wanted to be a animating god. NG inspired me to chase that dumb little dream of being a broke flash animator who only works for him self. I remember taking a art class going into the 8th grade, and being like this in my start! I swear i must have spent hours Praticeing , praticeing , praticeing. determined to sharpen my skills to be the best damn animator i could be. I did this becase some ass hole told me if i tried hard enough i could do anything. i I was never any good realy. but i posted my first picture i thogut was new grounds worthy. i was so happy when some guy complemented my first drawing i posted. so i praticed and praticed some more... but it was to no succes . you see i am simply a shity artist. So after a while i chouldit draw anything close to what i thought was good, so asked a friend named alex who was a damned talented artist. "So you want to learn how to draw huh?" he asked "Draw me a dog" i drew the best damn dog i chould. he picked it up in his hands and said i shit you not. "Damn man you just cant draw can you?" i gave up after that. i stayed away from NG tbh . the pain of failing a dream was two great. I did try again however sophomore year. i entered a animation class tp give it another shot. reliezed timeDid't make me a better artist. i learned flash, after effects, i also met the first girl i would ever fall in love with in there. (but thats a story for another day) at the end of the year i begged my teacher to let me go to advanced animation next year. how ever she knew i would't make it in there. she must have. she told me she would see what she could do.
the next school year i was assigned a class in Audio Video, but no advanced animation. i figured i give it a try , and thats when it happend. i fell in love. not with a woman ,man, or object. but with movies. that year (last year) i made movies. sure they weren't great, not yet but i could do this. . i could give soul to something of my own, something i love.

And thats how NG changed my life forever
Thank you.
Nick Nino

merry christmas

2012-12-27 10:58:08 by nicknino

I just watched Z TV christmas . it is my favort special this christmas


2010-05-25 19:37:46 by nicknino

Wahhoooo! yea i got a lap top. <or one with internet any ways> HaHa some jackasses whold come back with a loong speach on why they wer gone hahahaha BUT NOT ME!!!

Lucky #7

2010-02-19 19:41:13 by nicknino

lots of
BA movies latly eh?
any ways i am working on new movies and geting new stuff yep any wys hears` a pic

Lucky #7

Noo sleep 3 days

2010-02-06 14:45:41 by nicknino

ahhhhhhh sleep

Noo sleep 3 days


2010-01-12 20:04:16 by nicknino

Ok this week well be slow 4 art work

Also why in call of duty do those boxs keep killing me??


who cares...

2010-01-07 17:51:51 by nicknino

ok frist of all DORIDE TING GO DIE!!!!
any ways itll be a wile a pro artist said point blank I SUCK.
YOU KNOW What, sqrue u you EMO >:(

ANy Ways iam poor damn i need help

who cares...


2009-12-13 21:27:49 by nicknino

FinelyTher up check it out
Shroom of doom



2009-12-07 21:38:09 by nicknino

I sweer ill have someingthig up soon .

also WHAT s a good flash maker or art maker